Thomas M. Bolz was born and raised in the Detroit area and began his career in the management training program of the Mead Corporation in Dayton, Ohio where he gained experience to marketing and manufacturing of technical products.

Tom has a strong track record spearheading market penetration and expansions increasing profitability.  His expertise includes over-all business planning, sales, marketing, supply chain management and operations.

In 1969, Tom founded GTC Inc., an international engineering and marketing organization, specializing in the development and sale of engineered automotive components.  GT provides capable suppliers with specialize niche strategies for technical development, product penetration and the necessary orientation for successful quality manufacturing of globally competitive products.

GT is a leader and successful, strategic developer for attainment and maintainment of a profitable share of the automotive component business.  GT has served and guided clients in acquisitions and joint venture opportunities and global commercialization of patented products.

GT manages and integrates the marketing, administrative and engineering functions to achieve the proposed strategy with a sales support team located in Southfield, Michigan and Shanghei, China.

GT’s underlying expertise is uniting international suppliers with global customers for mutual long-term profitable relationships.  GT’s history and success is based on engineered and technical products, not commodities, to fulfill long-term requirements of customers.

GT is proud to be instrumental in the automotive success for such well-known clients as Bridgestone, Daewoo, Fuji, Itochu, and VAW (Hydro Aluminum), among others.

Tom’s talent and proven successful track record in developing successful strategies for long-term profitable penetration of technical products as part of this stellar team will provide significant returns and ensure the maximum degree of success in the most expedient and professional manner.

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