Linares Medical Devices (LMD) is an exciting medical company based in Auburn Hills, Michigan focused on the development of medical hardware made of specialized plastics. The company has a long history of success in designing and manufacturing innovative solutions using plastics in various industries. The company has long felt the light weight and excellent durability of plastics used to design high wear items would be ideal for artificial human joint applications. LMD has applied its engineering and design expertise to solving long-standing problems in orthopedic surgery.

Linares has teamed with highly regarded Beaumont orthopedic surgeons Perry Greene, M.D., a specialist in knee and hip replacement, and Richard Easton, M.D., a specialist in spine surgery, as well as Craig Ramsdell, M.D., a Beaumont anesthesiologist with a background in clinical research, to assist in the development process. The result of this collaboration is over 50 patented products on a range of orthopedic hardware including prosthetic knee, hip, and shoulder joints, fracture fixation devices, hardware for use in spine surgery, process patents on new materials, as well as patents on several medical devices.

The new materials alone are something of a revolution; Linares’ proprietary materials are made from plastics that have been blended and alloyed with other elements. This allows for implants that are lighter, stronger, radiolucent, antimicrobial and have better wear properties. Furthermore Linares’ materials allow the ability to form ultra low profile fracture plates, artificial ligaments with amazing fiber memory & no deformation over time.

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